Thursday, April 9, 2009

morning sweat...

Wow, I really enjoyed my first Hot Power Fusion yoga class this am. I debated sleeping in and not attending the 6:30am class...but I'm so glad I went. It's a perfect balance of heat (enough, but not to where it's pouring in my eye balls), balance work, and a bit of flowing...a great mix of them all!

Hippy Holly (as Andy calls her) was a really great instructor.

The normal Friday afternoon 4:30p Hot Yoga I saw this am is different this week. Lori is doing an 80's Yoga Sculpt class...ooh, this sounds like fun! Maybe i need to swing by the arc for some leg warmers!?

I'm enjoying a nice smoothie before going into work...and I am looking forward to this evening's Full Moon Run and margs at Amandas with the gals:) yay!

A happy Thursday to all! :)


brownie said...

Tell the full moon peeps I said hello, I can't make it tonight.

Emily said...

I am in LOVE with yoga! It's all I've been doing! Great workout...I'm SO happy you're into yoga, as well! Finally! I found someone who is obsessed with it like me! :) How are you doing?

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

I can't wait to take yoga classes with you! We can sweat our eyeballs out together. :)