Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jim and Fam...

Oh what a night! for my mom's bday, we surprised her with tickets to go see one of our favorite comedians Jim Gaffigan up at the Denver Performing Arts Center. There were many layers to the surprise...First Ken had Mom get all dressed up for dinner, and then took her to Rumbi (a favorite of theirs, but in no way a place to get all snazzy for). Here at Rumbi, Adam I were there to greet too in fancy swag. At promptly 5:30p, Ken said "ok, better go" and my mom said to Adam and me, "you guys are coming with us?". Ooooh, and the fun torture began...and continued the entire trip up to Denver. "Red Rocks? Nuggets? Rookies? Denver Museum?" just couldn't give it up! As we drove down 14th street (parallel with the Denver Perf Arts Theatre)...she sees a big LCD screen that shows a pic of Jim Gaffigan- "Oh look, Jim Gaffigan is coming!"- she says. Adam and I are dying a thousands deaths in the back seat...I still don't know how I kept from busting up! Once we parked finally, on the top roof of the parking garage, I handed her the bday card with her ticket in it. What she didn't know at the time was that another van filled with our friends and family were about 10 car-lengths behind us the the entire trip up...awaiting to give her part 3 of the surprise. I sneakily took mom to a random bathroom at another theatre near by and then as we walked back out to our theatre the entire group (Tom, Jeanne, Maddy, Erinn, Nicole, Maili, Beth, Adam, and Ken) yelled "Surprise- Happy Birthday!". Her face was hilarious and she was absolutely floored! She says that she had never been surprised before-her entire life.

The show was so hysterical and Jim, as always, made our cheeks hurt from continual laughter. He broke out some new material such as: the lazy sport of bowling, how horrible camping is, escalator troubles...and cracked us up with some of his tried and true material: hot pockets, and bacon! :) What a night is all I have to say...It was so awesome being with those I love, and seeing my mom so happy! :)

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!

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eazy earl said...

What a wonderful surprise you and your fam and friends game your mom Jillian! I'm glad to see she had such a blast, and all of you as well in making it happen.