Thursday, October 23, 2008


Rrrrrr....I am so annoyed! Usually after a run I feel refreshed, full of clarity, and ready for the day! Not today. I did the same route around the neighborhood that I did last thursday, but this time in the opposite direction (This route is a good one for me as it challenges me with Austin-like, long gradual uphills).

Reasons for the annoyance...1. major WIND! Had to run facing the wind, uphill the last 25 min....big, fat arg. 2. My stupid Nike Sportband told me I did 4.5 mi...not the 5.31 I did on the same route, opposite direction, last thursday...what the? It took me exactly the same amnt of time as last week- 53 min...but shows less miles and a slower pace...rrrrrr. I WANT A STINKIN GARMIN!

One good part of the run...I loved running in my new Saucony Hurricanes! Nicki- our Saucony tech rep brought them down from Denver for me...and they are soft and comfy! Very pleased!

Distance: 4.5 mi (rrrr....)
Time: 53:07 min
Pace: 11:47/mi (not the 9:59 pace from last thurs...grrrr again)
Place: Neighborhood route in Kansas


Megan said... are such a dedicated runner inspire me. I tagged you, check out my blog.

Bri said...

How is the piriformis feeling?!! Hopefully you are doing better, I tagged you in a recent blog post fyi.....take care. hope to see you someday soon.


ps, the word verification i had to type to comment on your blog was undies. ha ha.