Tuesday, October 21, 2008

speed what?

Tonight's workout was the first time I've done a speed-type workout in oh, about 3 months or so...and it was tough stuff! The fierce wind and blowing debris didn't help the situation...but with the company of the Dutchess (Beth), I got through it. She always pushes an inspires me :). Sushi at Jun's was a great reward...enjoyed my first spicy tuna hand roll...totally recommend! :) Tomorrow is a day of rest...good thing because thurs-sunday will be tough on the ol' bod. Stretch some more...then bed for me!

Distance: 5.56mi
Time: 54:09 min
Pace: 9:44/mile (doesn't really mean that much on this workout)
Place: Monument Valley Park...in a freaking windstorm...owie-crapola in the eyeballs!
Workout: warm up (1mi) + 2x1 mile repeats in Monument Valley Park+ warm down (2.5mi).

1 comment:

brownie said...

I've been super excited all week - I thought you said the SAUCONY rep was coming tonight! Turns out it's Sugoi, and I think they make girls stuff. Yuk. At least there'll be beer and pizza tonight.

You should start doing the Incline on Thursday with us.