Saturday, October 18, 2008

numb leggos...

Because my phone said the high was supposed to be 78 today...I put on shorts at 6am this morning thinking I would be a hot box at the end of my run. This did end up being true, but my legs were completely numb for the first 50 min of it! Burr! Had a nice 3.5 mi out of 10 with the Herizons gals this morning...made the run not seem so long...thanks ladies! No problems with the injured leg...but both just felt tired...which is to be expected as I build back up the mileage.

I think something was messed up in my Nike Sportband last long run with Dani on Sunday, because today I went to close to the same area before I turned back around and the numbers this time were way different. Today's numbers were much more realistic for me running on that trail for a longer one.

I'm off to go up to Denver to watch friends run in the Denver 1/2 and full Marathon! I'm so excited for them! Because I'm still somewhat new to the running/racing scene, I've never gone to a race and not run it! I'm sort of excited to really get to just watch! Pics to come...

Distance: 9.82mi
Time: 1:41min
Pace: 10:18/mi
Place: North on Santa Fe Trail from Woodmen

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