Wednesday, June 25, 2008

holy stromboli...

Today's workout was a def duzy! Staci and I attempted (and conquered) the "Incline Club workout".  We parked at Memorial Park in Manitou(right by the police station) and ran up to the beginning of Barr Trail.  Then did 1minute running as hard as we could+1minute walking up Barr for 30 minutes. Once we got done with our 30 min up...we jogged down the trail (with super jello legs) til we got to Hydro Street (that short steep paved hill up the Barr dirt parking lot).  We did 6 hydro street repeats (running up, walking down)...then we ran all the way down back to the car at Memorial Park. Whoa...super tough.  Took us about 1:35 min to complete...oh yeah and we started at 6:30am. Even though it was a was totally awesome and gave me a feeling of accomplishment that I tackled a new challenge.

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