Sunday, June 22, 2008

happy weekend...

Happy weekend to all...I hope you are all enjoying! :)

Here are some pics (and video) of Beth and I at the store on Saturday...we were quite busy most of the day due to the Sailin' Shoes race, but for a brief moment we decided we needed to test out some of our sale shoes...Men's New Balance Motion Control 1123's size 12 1/2 EE (width) know... in order to properly explain to our customers the fit and feel of the shoes...hehe. What boats! 

Today I developed a new love/hate's name...Section 16. I've been wanting to do this trail for a long time, so I was excited to explore yet another part of this great place in which I live. I was pre-warned by both Beth and Staci of the part of the trail in which it was pretty steep and would probably have to walk. In my mind I had pictured a moderate hill that would take me about 10 min or so to walk up...yeah...that was far from the truth. It was about a 25 minute hike/steep climb in which my lower back felt like it might revolt and spasm on me at any given moment. I kept thinking the end was right around the corner, (I asked Staci once if that was it, or was there more uphill...she just responded with "um, there's more...") when in actuality we were hiking to a point in which we couldn't go any higher for that particular place.  35 minutes after beginning at the trail head...we were finally at a point where we could run.  The rest of the trail was rolling hills and was absolutely beautiful.  We ran through the trees the whole time and came across a small waterfall with a cute little bridge. It felt so great to explore this new place...but I'm sure my calves and back will be on strike tomorrow as payback for my adventure.


brownie said...

Woohoo! Section 16 rocks!

TitsOnTheRitz said...

So silly! I love the photos.