Saturday, June 7, 2008

hills galore...

The last two days at the store have been craziness in preparation for the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile run. It was way fun having Staci there (she was in control of the packet pick-up) at the store...we had some laughs! :) We are the running store sponsor for this 1500 person race, which takes place tomorrow at 7am in the Garden.  It is part of the Triple Crown Racing Series (garden 10mile, pikes accent or marathon, and the summer trail round-up), so people come from all over the country, which is neat. I will be running this race with good friend and colleague Beth...she will in fact be smoking me I suspect as she is training for the Pikes Peak Accent. Since we did the Steamboat 1/2 last Sunday, I don't know how i'll do...just intend on enjoying the event and scenery. Maili came in today and got shoes...cute ones in was fun to have her there. I can't wait for our bbq/party tomorrow...I can't wait to be around those I love! :) Thanks are one in a million! :) Off to bed...have to be at the race at 6am tomorrow...yikes...after a 9 hr day at the store today, i'm going to be cranky tomorrow morning! Hugs to all. :)

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