Monday, June 30, 2008

happy birthday to Romester!

Happy Day to my sweet Romester...I love you oh so much! 

Maili was given a wonderful birthday gift bright and early this am...Lucky's throw-up, laid nice and neat in two plumps, right in the center of the couch....glorious!:) I heard a "Well that's nice" as Maili entered the living room for the first time this morning. Poor Lucky though...he continued to be sick and made his way, on his own, to his kennel in the garage...poor guy! 

Ok, so speaking of dogs...funny story. As I was walking out of Souper Salad with Staci this evening...I saw a cute little dog sitting in the passenger's seat of this minivan with the window slightly cracked for the guy to breathe. The little pup was looking up at me with these sad little i stopped to say hello.  As I positioned my face closer to the window, I said out loud "what a cute little dog...and he's been out here since we got here." And right then at that moment...the little bastard jumped out of the seat, hit the window with his face and with his fangs out started barking at me with very intense volume.  I quickly jumped back and screamed- holy crap...totally wasn't expecting that. Staci and I were busting up laughing for a good few minutes...could have been a hidden camera moment for sure.  I'm sure the entire restaurant witnessed this through the window as the car was in the front row-wonderful. 

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