Saturday, June 14, 2008


After a long day at work...I was def in delirious mode.  Around 7something tonight Romester and I traveled to the nearby Tarje (Target) in hopes of finding something to wear to the weddings we are attending tomorrow...big fat argg. The giggles started the minute we stepped into the store...Maili was having a hard time pulling a cart out of the long stack..."come on muscles...let's get one" i said to her as she struggled. Then as we strolled down random isles we def didn't need to be in (aka-the snack isle), we started quoting Dumb and Dumber... "", it was hilarious. Then we started trying on clothes.  A few stalls over I hear Maili say, "this is why I hate weddings"...haha. 

Then we had to make a quick stop at Old Navy so that she could return a few items she purchased today. The lady working there had hair shorter than Romester's...but poor thing had a hair clip the size of my fist located right above her left ear. Actually i don't really understand how it was staying in. Hum. 

Once we got home we enjoyed a quick porch sit while the doggies ran wild out by the gazebo. We turned on the boob-tube and started watching the tail end of The Notebook.  Trouble was right at the part when Ali goes back to visit Noah after she's engaged. Once all hell brakes loose and emotions run wild and he asks her to stay with him, they cut to commercial. Maili says..."This movie is too emotionally charged".  I busted out laughing...totally cracked me up.  She was full of the quotes tonight I tell you. 

Off to bed...I'm sleepy. 

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