Sunday, March 21, 2010

"I've got my life in a suitcase, ready to run, run, run away"...

Friday night, Maddy and I ventured up to Denver for the Copeland concert at the Gothic Theater. In the midst of our first Spring blizzard, we knew we'd just have to plug along, slowly, with caution and with major confidence in the front-wheel drive Solera. One hour and 45 min later we made it to our destination. Nicole and Adam had saved us phenomenal seat, front row balcony....thank you! What a great show. Copeland is on their final tour, as they are breaking They were my brother's single most inspiration throughout his musical career from a very young age. It was great to all be together for this amazing performance. Copeland is so amazing...enough said. Maddy and I arrived back in the Springs at 2am (not my prime time...)...and Maddy had to be at the airport at 6am, me, I had to be at the store (for a run and then work) at 7:30am, so obviously this made for a short night for us both. We both laughed the next day expressing that we felt high or drunk most of the day. I was pretty delirious and made for a laughing idiot at work. Totally worth it though. Some pics from the eve...

My back has been very upset with me the past few months...and especially since the race last Sunday. Not sure if the back is causing the butt issue, or the glute is causing the back issue...who knows? Anyways..I was not up for a steep trail run today, so I just ran long on my own from my house. The rest of the clan had quite the adventure (3 hours, lost, following people...) this morning on their run. Jill and I met up with them afterward for a lovely brunch (a tasty mexian egg dish!) up at Dani's house. Can't wait for more of these at her house this Summer! :)

Yoga + a wonderful dinner with Ms. Sarah this eve. She is so awesome and we had lots of laughs. A great end to my Sunday.

Lots of stuff of the to-do list tomorrow. It's supposed to be beautiful out, so we'll see what adventures of my own I can create!

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