Friday, March 12, 2010


So, two nights before the race (Boulder Spring 1/2)! Getting all the necessities ready as tomorrow we depart right after the Madster and I get off work! excited! Staci, Dani, Christy, Maddy and I are all participating (with Chels and Jill cheering us on!). We all are going into this with different expectations...meaning they are changing every day for each of us. Injuries, winter weather, injuries, snow:) ...have made this training a roller coaster ride. My goal is to better than my last race...Steamboat 1/2 (June '09) which is my PR 1:54:xx. So..after almost another year of running under my belt, and a few solid months of speed work once per week, I am feeling that this is definitely attainable. But, as many of you know...race day, anything is possible...and not always all good.

Just finished getting together Sunday morning breakfast...oats with a baggie of toppings: sliced almonds, carob chips, and granola. In preparation for the many changings of typical Colorado weather, I have about 3 different outfit possibilities lined up for packing. I think I am going to sport my "Will run for margaritas" shirt (CRC logo in big on the back of course) with Sugoi capris. That is the plan as of now that is:).

I am so excited for cousin Madster...this is her first race (yes, a 1/2 marathon...why do a 5k first...go big or go home) and I know she will do awesome! Pictures and hilarious race stories to get ready.

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