Sunday, January 31, 2010

NUT day 4...

Today was probably the best feeling day I've had since Thursday, not sure why...especially since it started with an 11 mile run. ?? :) We decided to do the Boulder Spring 1/2 Marathon March 14th, and with much of the course on dirt, lodging costs more reasonable, and a less of a drive...this option is sounding better than the original plan of the Better 1/2 in Gateway, CO.

Post run and beverage at Starbucks (decaf vanilla robiuss tea for me), I got to spend some quality time with the Madster for a bit (who is a stud and ran the longest she has today and did great!), see the Kol Kol's new house (that is so amazing), and hit up yogs with Brads (Jill). I came home and made my broth for the next three days...I know, your mouth is watering:). My house def is a'smellin like some veggies.

Nanight folks!

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Gordo said...

Happy to hear the energy level is high... I'm toasting you with a steaming boil of Bieler broth, kicked up a couple of notches with green mung beans, Bragg's (more squirts than I should have - but damn it's good in Bieler!) and lots of cayenne.