Friday, January 29, 2010

NUT day 2...

Day 2 of NUT started off much better than yesterday...a C2 class with Julia at 6:30am. There is something grand about waking up to yoga...low lights, warm room- ah, perfect. I didn't do such a great job with food choices and packing today:(...didn't feel satisfied all day until about 4pm when I had some buckwheat with rice protein, almond milk, almond butter and blackberries. I am going to be testing chicken and turkey (the only meat products approved for blood type A's), and we can't have soy (tofu) right now, so my protein sources are nuts, nut butter and rice protein. My bod is used to more protein so I think it's having to adjust to that. I've been upping my fats, which I think is helping. This weekend will be a test as the Full Moon Run is tomorrow night, followed by long run Sunday with the gals....then, it's broth time starting Monday. I love my coach and group...they are all so great. Reading their daily emails about their experiences, frustrations, mini celebrations, has made going through this that more memorable.

Tonight was my first Photography class! It was so awesome, our teacher is great.. and I know I will definitely learn a lot throughout the next 6 weeks. And whether or not you like and experiments will be documented here:). Time to upload my pic of the day!

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candlerun (htabby) said...

Everything sounds so exciting! I would love to take a photography class... Looking forward to seeing your 'experiments'. :0)