Friday, December 26, 2008


Today was a very productive day for to accomplish lots on my list.
1. sleep in!!...yes! Arose at 9am...a true gift!

2. use gift cards that I got for Christmas & take advantage of post-Christmas sales- yes! Old Navy, Apple store, Express, Target.

3. get a run in somehow. When I left the house this morning around 11am, I packed a bag with 2 outfits- outside running and inside mill running...not sure which one i would need when the time came. I managed to get to the gym and log 4 miles. Wanted to do 6, but the IT thought otherwise- thanks to not stretching in the garden yesterday, due to intense, rock-in-the-eye winds.

4. get groceries...well, at least enough to get by that is. Sweaters, and an external hard drive for the mac outweighed the finance dept today.

5. finally relax at home. Open and figure out new toys purchased today. My new bluetooth finally works with my iphone!'s about time!

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