Wednesday, December 10, 2008


non -running log update this eve. No motivation to put together thoughts about my exciting treadmill (or "mill" as john calls it) workout this am.

Today is Beth's bday, so here are some shots form the CRC celebration after the social run. Her hubby arranged for a sweet cake to be made for her special day.

Then beth nocked over the chips and pretzels while we were closing up shop..."oh shit" is what I heard from the back room as I saw an empty plastic bowl rolling out on it's side.

Speaking of "oh shit"...on the top picture john is saying "say shit!"...that's why beth and I are laughing so hard.

I'm looking forward to the CRC Holiday party tomorrow night...should be a fun time! Can't wait to see what crazy things these runners end up doing. :)

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brownie said...

Rest up today, you need to be fresh to pour drinks all night!