Saturday, December 13, 2008

fun stuff...

Just some fun pics to post....

Thanksgiving with the fam...CRC Holiday party...

Good fun all around.

Oh's what's taken place running wise over the last few days...nothing exciting. However, I've been foam rolling like a maniac the last few days and I truly think it's starting to loosen up the IT's a bit...crossing the fingers! Two treadmill workouts this week really kicked my butt...I decided to stop mentally battling the stupid windy/cold/crap outside and just suck it up and mill-it-up!

Weds 12/10- 5mi/49:40/9:30 pace (mill)
Thurs 12/11- 6 mi/60 min/10 min pace (mill)
Fri 12/12- 3.83 mi/37:12min/ 9:41 pace (MVP loop)

Tomorrow is a 15 miler...most likely in the snow...grand.

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