Thursday, December 4, 2008

let it snow...

Since JT called me out saying "this blog sucks"...I guess I better get on it with the posting. But, not because of you were the one getting called out regarding your blog last night at the CRC ! ha!

I guess I haven't really been blogging much about the running because, thanks to my crappy body, every run has been painful and not worth remembering. I swear, one sore spot leads to the next due to the over-compensating for the current pain. Arg. Oh well, not here to complain, and it doesn't help fix the problems...however stretching and foam rolling more does...hopefully!

So, here's the current log...

Nov 28-4 mi- around neighborhood in snow
Nov 29- 4.64mi- MVP from CRC
Nov 30- 8.71mi- Memorial park in manitou, around outer loop, back to pikes peak, back to park....super cold, super snowy!
Dec 1 & 2- off, due to sore rt hip, IT and butt-rrrr.
Dec 3- 4 mi
Dec 4- 5.51mi- Manitou baseball fields-garden-up through middle trails- back down to fields. ...major snow in the face- but so pretty out!

Officially 10 weeks out from Austin this coming, seems pretty close...but in the trenches of training and all the aches and pains- it seems so far away.

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