Thursday, December 25, 2008

blog it... workouts to mark in the log...:

12/20- Garden- 3.31 mi

12/21- El Pomar south- 17.81 mi (longest yet)/2 hr 57 min/9:59 pace (Beth and i loved the new scenery!)

12/23-MVP- 3.47mi/31:45/ 9:07pace

12/24- CRC to Bear Creek with Beth and Rich-6.5mi

12/25- Garden trails by myself, in the wind, surrounded by people- 4.07mi/ 40.52/ 10:01 pace

Overall, the past week has felt pretty good. Thanks to more rolling and stretching, the IT is still painful, but less than it's been. Because 2 sundays ago was a blizzard, i technically had two long runs this week...15mi on Tues, 18 mi on Sunday. Today's Christmas run in the Garden was nice- in shorts!! But, it was really windy and crowded there at the end! More to come later...speaking of rolling...

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brownie said...

You're gonna be pretty set for Austin with all those long runs!