Friday, December 19, 2008

log it...

Runs for the week so far...
Haven't felt all that bad...that is when I am on top of the foam rolling. IT's still having a mind of their own and rebel when I need them to cooperate the most! Boo. Since Sunday was so f-ing cold, had to move long run to tuesday... This Sunday's 18miler should be nice- geez.

Sunday 12/14- 7.2mi/9:41 pace- on the stinking treadmill:)
Tues 12/16- 14.57mi/10:12pace- CRC to Mesa Rd to Flying W sign
Thurs 12/18- 5.79mi/9:40pace- Garden/Mesa Rd, with my friend the Q
Friday 12/19- 3.38mi/9:31pace- with the CRC special, friday crowd. Wooglins muffin followed.

Another long run consisting of a distance longer than i've ever gone before...11 degrees (the high for sunday) should help the quest.

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