Friday, November 21, 2008


So far, running this week has been pretty pleasant. Considering all the aches and pains I've been having + the new found colder, more winter-like weather...this building week (mile wise) has been tolerable. :)

I don't know if it was the handful of older women I saw enjoying their walk on Santa Fe Trail yesterday, listening to my brother's music, or feeling like the holidays are finally somewhat near thanks to the chill in the air... but, yesterday's mid week 8mi run (something I haven't done 'til now) was a very fulfilling time for me. I let my mind wander and I was overwhelmed with thoughts of thankfulness, and excitement for fun times ahead.

So far for the week...

Monday 11/17- 3.36mi- recovery run 9:42pace
Tuesday 11/18- 5.76mi- 9:25pace- neighborhood pavement crap
Weds 11/19- rest
Thursday 11/20- 8.29mi- santa fe- 9:09pace
Friday 11/21- 4.25mi- 9:01pace

Anyone have any suggestions for a flat-like 14 mile route for my long run Sunday?

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brownie said...

Try two loops around Greenland open space. Or the Falcon Trail. Or drive up to Elk Park and go to Barr Camp and back.

You still doing the Friday morning run the day after Thanksgiving? I can make that one. I've never eaten at Wooglin's.