Sunday, November 16, 2008

the struggle log... was a struggle! Up Old Gold Camp road for 5 miles...then downhill on the tight legs = painful! Great to be in wonderful company though!

The log...
Sunday 11/9- 13.07 mi at Falcon Loop on AFA base- 2hr 14min

Mon 11/10- 4.09mi in neighborhood- 40:06min

Tues 11/11- 3.5mi in Dallas...oh yeah, in dark pouring rain, escorted by dallas police on mtn bikes

Weds 11/12- 3.1mi/5k in Dallas...the Indie (Independent retailers) 5k...just jogged, had fun!

Thurs 11/13- 4.75mi Full Moon Run in Garden of the pretty...60 degrees at night!

Sat 11/15- 4mi at Red Rock Canyon...with Herizons gals...a little cold in the face area:).

Sun 11/16- 10.25mi on Lower Gold Camp Rd...5 mi uphill...bugga. 5 mi downhill on sore legs:(

We shall see how the bod feels after this week. My little bodily imbalances are starting to create problems with the increased mileage:(...but hopefully with the help of my friend Christy and extra stretching/icing, my bod will be back on my side in this battle called training.


jboyd said...

So fun to read all about your life...just another way to stay in touch with you. I love you so and I'm so proud and blessed to be your mom and friend. Don't see how you get it all done...remember my favorite word...balance Love you lots my darling daughter!!! kisses and hugs from your mom

brownie said...

You need to prepare your liver for Austin. That sunday afternoon/evening/night is going to be epic!