Friday, November 14, 2008

one hund...

One hundredth post! I seriously can't believe it. I thought for sure after the 2nd week or so I'd wimp out and quit writing. But hey, we all surprise ourselves every now and then!

I haven't written in a while because I've been traveling along at mach-100 speed the last week! Flew out on Dallas to join John in Dallas for the IRRA (Independent Running Retailers Association) Running Event. It was such a great experience. Got to visit and spend time with people that have owned a store for 30 + years...saw way neat stuff coming out in the near with numerous people...and get to meet, face to face, vendors I talk to every week! I also got to have lunch with my uncle great to see and catch up with him. :)

Flew back on Weds night and got in to colorado springs 4 hours later than planned...thanks to american airlines. :) The $100 voucher they offered me today helped me feel a bit better about the situation- 5 gate changes, on and off 2 planes, 4 hrs later!! Arg.

This weekend is jammed packed...early am Herizons run, work, Herizons wine and cheese party, sleep...then, long run + volunteering at Fall Series race on Sunday...oh yeah, and a short live tv, Fox segment that I have to do Monday morning...geez!

Will update on the Austin training log for this week later....:)

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