Thursday, November 6, 2008

just to report...

No real desire to post anything special today...just the running log over the past few days. Dealing with some tightness in my posterior tibialis tendon...just trying to stretch er' as much as I can.

John's blog is cracking me up...I believe he used the phrase "dry as a popcorn fart" to describe the dryness in his lungs due to the weather. Hilarious.

Sunday: 7mi/1:07min/9:49pace ... Santa Fe trail
Tuesday: 5.14mi/51:12min/9:57pace... MVP...speed work...owie.
Weds: 4.33mi/41:02min/9:27pace... Neighborhood loop

Well, I better be off to get a run in. A massage and sushi to look forward to later.:)


brownie said...

Visited Mesa State over the weekend, couldn't find anyone selling vintage Jillian hoops jerseys. Those must be hard to keep on the shelves.

brownie said...

We started off at the Rockslide! Cool place, beer was pretty good. I got drunk and tried to climb the silver buffalo across the street.