Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have a discussion question for everyone...and I'm truly interested in hearing your responses...so please comment!

*What is the best gift (s) you have received?

Now...I am talking tangible...not: my kids, feeling loved, etc.

Please share...I'd love to know! I'll have to get back to you on my response!


Megs said...

The coolest present my parents gave me, was surprising me with tickets to a national gymnastics competition at Arizona State University. I was WAY into gymnastics at the time, and my parents told me we were going for a Sunday drive. All of a sudden...we were in front of the arena with a big gymnastics banner. I was FLOORED. It was so awesome!

Best wrappable present? Probably my Cabbage Patch Doll Gregorio from Spain. (I was 8 or so).

Next to that would be my iMAC last year. How could one not LOVE that?

I know I've written a post here, but it is the surprises that are the most fun, and the gifts with the most thought. Nothing big, just given with love. Those are my all-time favorites!

brownie said...

Definitely booze smuggled through the mail when I had to spend x-mas in Iraq. Though I heard you and John are going to get me tons of running schwag this year, I'm sure that'll be right up there.

Jessi said...

I went on a long backpacking trip through Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and when I got home my friend gave me a journal she had kept while I was away, so I could read it and feel caught up on her life and not feel guilty about being away from my friends for so long. She had taken the time to write me a little note everyday. It was great to feel like even though I had been gone for so long, I was still connected.

Before I moved to Korea, my friends gave me a journal that they had decorated with pictures of us being silly, hanging out, hashing, etc. It was awesome.