Sunday, February 28, 2010

Black Forest 20k...

Yesterday was the final Winter Series race out in a snowy/icy Black Forest. A 20k...12.4 miles. With our Boulder Spring 1/2 coming up here in 2 weeks, I told myself that I seriously need to look at this a training run and not get crazy (competitive in other words:)). Along with smart training, I've been sick the past two days and I feel the sickness lingering, waiting to get worse- arg. Whenever I tell myself this...I usually don't hold true to the idea, but this time I did and the payoff was that I felt great(aside from the cronic left glute/hip issues I've been struggling with for forever-ba!). I stuck with a 9-9:15 min mile and just enjoyed the ride! It was beautiful out there. Around 7 miles I experienced a total runner's high, something that usually does NOT happen to me. It was just as people describe it...feeling light on your feet, your mind wandering to happy places, breathing easily, enjoying the beautiful surroundings. At about mile 9, that all disappeared. The hardest part of the course was mile 8 1/2-11...windy open space, uphill a majority of the time...blah blah blah...horrific. Anywhoo...1:56 min later, I was done. Tight hammies/glutes/calves has to wait to be properly stretched as I quickly headed out of Black Forest, on my way home for a quick shower before heading to work.

The store was insane today! From 2-6p, Madster and I were there by ourselves and much of that time we both were helping 2-3 people at once! The day was full of "interesting customers"...a norm for Saturdays.

Today, I slept in until 8 (heaven), and am now enjoying my new coffee concoction. In attempts to not go back to the coffee creamer (horrible for me, but oh so tasty!)...I started heating some almond milk with cinnamon over the stove and adding that to a half of a mug of coffee. It tastes so good...and doesn't shock me with tons of caffeine.

Shortly I'm off for a short 30 min jog/walk in hopes of losening up the legs/bod. Then I'm off to meet up with the girls at the Coquette Creperie in Manitou...our fav gluten free crepe spot!

Until next time! :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

what day is it?

For some reason this week has been full of "to-do's"....but all fun, often my-choice to-do's. A few pics from our last photo adventure in Manitou Springs. Tonight is our 5th photography, it sure is just flying by! Tomorrow is also the last Winter Series race., a 20k out in Black Forest. Thank you sore throat for appearing at a perfect time... last night:). Rrr. More wordage via posting later this weekend:)

Monday, February 22, 2010

a step back in time.

Yesterday's snowy run was quite difficult, but it was so still and quiet out...loved it. After a long climb up Flying W Ranch Road, and a quicker, less-breathy ride back to the cottage, we enjoyed hot coffee and a warm oatmeal bar...yuuummmm. Thanks friends:).

Next up, it was off to Tarah's baby shower next door at Nicole's house. I still can't believe we are next door neighbors- how crazy! I walked in and to my surprise...there sat Kelsey, Sara, Genny, Tarah, Sarah. Wow, I haven't seen these girls in forever! It was such a blast to catch up with everyone and most of all celebrate Tarah:). Some hilarious pics from the day. We had to guess (with ribbon), how far around a piece would fit around her belly. I waaayy over estimated thanks to a previous baby shower in which I was way under- whops. Sorry Tarah!

Today was such a great day- loved every minute of it...well, maybe not up Flying W Ranch Road so much.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Happy Valentines Day gift from my wonderful mother! Tupperware that help fruits and veggies stay fresher longer- wow, does she know me well! Lord knows I've been up to my ears in veggies lately! Thanks mom!

I enjoyed a very tasty breakfast this morning (mid-morning...thank you sleeping in!)...oat bran with rice protein, shredded coconut, sprinkle of Bare Naked granola, and raw almond butter- yum! This lasted me almost until my speed work run...I needed a Lara Bar at about 12:30. I had a very hard track workout with Chels this afternoon, but, it was super gorgeous out and reminded me that nice weather/more sun is just around the corner.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

wind was not our valentine...

Happy Valentine's Day to all!:) This morning I woke up to an alarm with confusion as to why in fact I was getting up...oh, yes that's right, Valentine's Day run/brunch with my girls! After a tough 10 miles yesterday, our incredibly windy start was especially not pleasant for my mind and body. But, when you are with 7 of your closest friends, those pains seem to subside. We returned to warm oatmeal & waffles with the fixins' and mimosas-ahhh, much better. Thanks friends for being my valentine!

Nanight folks!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

beauty, windy, brat...

Today was crazy. It all started with a 7am photography shoot with my class at the Garden of the Gods. It was perfect, at about 7:15, the sun started to come out and shine so vibrantly on the red rocks. Awesome. We really tried to get some practice on manual mode...focusing on becoming more comfortable with shutter speed and aperture. A few examples...

Next up on the Saturday to-do list...the third Winter Series race: a 10 mile run from Baptist Rd almost up to Palmer Lake. They refer to this one (of 4) as "The Wind Tunnel". Um yeah, about 2 minutes in, I understood the name. The minute you ( I really mean I) put on a number and line up at the start, the intended "run", somehow transforms into a race. I took it a bit easier the first 3 1/2 miles, then decided I was close enough to the 5 mile turn around (where the wind would hopefully change directions and be a my back- which it really didn't) to start pushing a tad more. I caught up to this girl I was eying most of the race, and all of a sudden our (yes we were now running together) was 8 min. Not good when I had 3 miles still to go. I then slowed down a bit and so did she. Ended up finishing in 1:25. I didn't really have a time goal...just to push myself, which I definitely did. Owie. Loved having the girls there with you guys:). Thanks Micky for letting me wear your coat pre-race..buuuurrrr!

Going to work was to-do #3 for me today. After a shower and some food, I was off to the store for a few hours. Had great/normal customers today and a good number of laughs with Alex, so the afternoon somehow flew by without an energy crash on my end. After we closed I headed to the grocery store to get some food for dinner. I have been obsessed with Heather's stir-fry recipe (with tahini), so my quest was veggies. The event that happened next still has me confused. After I pulled into my parking spot, I was on the phone when all of a sudden this lady comes up to my window and points her finger at me and says (mouths- I could somewhat hear her), "You almost hit my car, yeah were _ close... brat". Seriously??? Come one. I was not even close Take your hideous 1980's trucker hat and curly mullet and lay off me. I don't think I've been called a brat since I was 8, maybe even never. What the? Anywhoo...I didn't let that distract me from my King Stupes task at hand. And pictured below is my fabulous dinner...yum! Homemade hummus, stir fry veggies with tahini, baked tamari tofu and roasted brussels sprouts. This was so satisfying. I love the new flavors in my life:).

Ok...after this day, I am ready for bed...but first some warm almond milk with new pre-bed fav.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

HEAB dedication

Thank you HEAB:). My new dinner fav... Stir fry veggies with tahini!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

catching up...

Well, lets see where we left off... oh yes, that's right, the evening of the Monarch adventure. So...since then, this is how it's gone...

Monday- a day off...slept in, went to yoga, visited with Chelsea, watched the Batchelor with Jill. No agenda. Heaven. Those who truly know me understand what a feat this is.

Tuesday- Work, followed by a tough speed workout (via John)- 2 x 2mile Neilson Challenge course-ugh. It was freaking freezing, and wind was absolutely blowing in my face both ways, yes people it's possible. I rushed home to gather some food and clothes for our last NUTrition session. We had a great class (thanks Monika) with great adjusters, just for of the benefits of doing a CPY program:). After we ate and shared our battle stories from our food testing so far. Some of the shares were absolutely hilarious. From baths, to poop (or lack there of), to alien bellies...we covered it all, and had some big laughs. Our class of 12, plus four coaches grew very close and I will miss seeing them on a regular basis. They made taking part in this journey so memorable. I tested greek yogurt today...having some with my breakfast, lunch and dinner (just plain). I don't know if it was the pear before my run, or an overkill on the dairy, but I drove home with a major alien belly myself. Booo. Not giving it up completely...just going to watch what my body does whenever I have it. After two evening workouts, I hit the hay hard, and early.

Wednesday- This morning, work started off with a clinic from MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology). These are pretty amazing shoes and we are now selling them at the store. These shoes basically rest your entire body weight on a teeter totter and force all of the stabilizing/not often used muscles to activate. Many runners/distance athletes often get injured because of under-used/under-developed core and stabilizing muscles not taking part in what ever continuous movement (swimming, cycling, running) they are performing. The woman that presented to us used to run track and field for the University of Indiana and trained for the Olympic trials. She had plantar facitis/sciatica for 15 years and the MBT's were the first and only thing that made both issues disappear. Anyone reading this (living in the springs:))must come in a try a pair won't get it until you do. I wore them for about six hours today and I definitely felt it where I'm most hips.

After work, it was off to Monika's C3 yoga. her classes, absolutely amazing. Such a challenge, yet my body loves to be pushed in an unfamiliar way. Tummy was rumblin' after class, and I was luckily headed to Fujiyama for a little sushi action with the Madster. Loved the time with my dear cousin:).

After a warm soothing bath and a little hot almond milk with cinnamon, this girl is headed to horizontal.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lot's o' white stuff...

A grand adventure to Monarch today with the girls! I sooo needed some time away from the normal routine and got just that. Thanks friends! A few shots to capture the memories...

Dani is not slow by any means...

Lift pic...

Jess and I are standing...and moving!

This is what not standing looks like...

Today was also another food testing day...item up for bid...hummus! The batch I made last was very tasty! Along for the car ride home I brought some cucumber, carrots and homemade chips (which were just brown rice tortillas cut up and baked in the oven-yum! ). It was pretty hard to tell what the effect was...there were too many non-routine variables. I did want to take a nap in the car after eating it...but, I too had woken up at 5:30am (3rd day in a row), snowboarded all day, was sitting in a warm car after being frozen all catch my drift. I had some more hummus for dinner with my left over HEAB stir-fry veggies...and after that long of a day, managed to pump myself up enough for a Super Bowl party:). So, unfortunately there was no definite verdict on the hummus. I love hummus and will continue to eat it and try my best to take notice the effects it has on the bod in the near future. Tomorrow is another clean eating day, and then I think I shall test greek yogurt!

Nanight folks, I'm pooped!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend...thus far.

A fun evening for Danielle and Shanes going away party. They are headed off to Turkey! A few fun photos from the eve...

Forgot to share about my first test day! I tested red wine last night...and yeah, most def did not sit well with my tummy. After just one glass it was talking to me, upset and you get the point. It continued all night and into this morning...booo I say. Oh well, guess I need to expect that will be the case when I drink it! Tomorrow is hummus... and, I made my very own today thanks to my awesome food processor! Gordon gave me a scrumptious recipe! Off to bed, early morning for snowboarding tomorrow at Monarch! I haven't been in at least two years, this should be interesting.


Thursday, February 4, 2010


It felt like Christmas morning today! Made it through the intensive part of the cleanse, now it's on to the interesting part- food testing! Today was just another clean eating day...and tomorrow is clean, plus the testing item of choice- red wine!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 3 of broth...finally.

Almost through the broth...thank goodness. Energy level was fine, hunger didn't exist...again, just slowness in the brain. I had the day off and it started with waking up with no alarm clock, what a treat! Laundry, followed with a photography adventure downtown, a trip to Whole Foods and Kings, ending with a great C3 class with Monika.

I got lots of yummy food for the next phase in this program- food testing. Every other day, a different food will be tested, in company with the many other clean foods we have been eating since the beginning. We can test anything we want...but foods that we love, eat a lot of, and that are in our energy loss category (according to our particular blood type- I'm an A) are encouraged to be on the list. This time around I think my list goes something like this...

Sweet potatoes
Red wine
Greek yogurt
Nightshades- egg plant, tomato

The list still may go through some adjusting...we shall see.

Hopefully it's not too snowy in the morning...a run is on my agenda.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Broth day 2...

Today, energy wise, was much better than yesterday. However, I had the overwhelming feeling that my body wanted to move at the usual 100 miles a minute, while the brain was about 100 miles behind schedule on every task I attempted. How frustrating! It's weird though not feeling hungry at all, just slow moving.

The store was crazy busy all day and everyone (customers) needed me to think, hard. The staff and I went through a Superfeet clinic with Brett (also our Saucony rep) that turned out to be a really fun time. Stay tuned for a super fun contest we are having on Facebook via The Colorado Running Company page! :) A preview of the contest below. When I walked out of there, I realized I hadn't sat down, for more than mere seconds, since about 10:30am or so. My brain needed a break!
I attempted a run with Staci in the Garden and ended up psyching myself out...convincing myself that I felt worse than I did. Oh well, sometime you just have to chalk em' up as that! Off to Tues NUT was next on my to do list...and I was sooo looking forward to getting together with the group for yoga and shares on how everyone else was doing throughout this whole thing. We all fluctuated from giggly to groggy to delirious and was pretty funny.

I say goodnight tonight with a floating head, hoping it will reconnect with my body soon. Thursday maybe!?? :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Broth day 1...

Day one of broth came and went for me. However, compared to last time around (last NUT program) which my day one was a complete disaster mentally and physically for was pretty good. After yesterday's 11 mile run with the Sunday clan and then Nan's yoga class last night, today was a much needed rest day from exercise. I went into work at 9am and then John and I headed up to Boulder to visit the Prana store in the afternoon...just got home in fact. So, the day was busy enough to keep me distracted from food. Of course, just for torture sake, the Prana store in Boulder is located in between a Haagen daaz and ben and jerry's...are you serious??? Ba!

Day one of broth is in the books...two more too go. Tomorrow night we have another NUT yoga class and group session. It will be great to reconnect with the group and get a bit o' support for the last day on Weds!

Nanight...much needed sleep for me!