Wednesday, February 10, 2010

catching up...

Well, lets see where we left off... oh yes, that's right, the evening of the Monarch adventure. So...since then, this is how it's gone...

Monday- a day off...slept in, went to yoga, visited with Chelsea, watched the Batchelor with Jill. No agenda. Heaven. Those who truly know me understand what a feat this is.

Tuesday- Work, followed by a tough speed workout (via John)- 2 x 2mile Neilson Challenge course-ugh. It was freaking freezing, and wind was absolutely blowing in my face both ways, yes people it's possible. I rushed home to gather some food and clothes for our last NUTrition session. We had a great class (thanks Monika) with great adjusters, just for of the benefits of doing a CPY program:). After we ate and shared our battle stories from our food testing so far. Some of the shares were absolutely hilarious. From baths, to poop (or lack there of), to alien bellies...we covered it all, and had some big laughs. Our class of 12, plus four coaches grew very close and I will miss seeing them on a regular basis. They made taking part in this journey so memorable. I tested greek yogurt today...having some with my breakfast, lunch and dinner (just plain). I don't know if it was the pear before my run, or an overkill on the dairy, but I drove home with a major alien belly myself. Booo. Not giving it up completely...just going to watch what my body does whenever I have it. After two evening workouts, I hit the hay hard, and early.

Wednesday- This morning, work started off with a clinic from MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology). These are pretty amazing shoes and we are now selling them at the store. These shoes basically rest your entire body weight on a teeter totter and force all of the stabilizing/not often used muscles to activate. Many runners/distance athletes often get injured because of under-used/under-developed core and stabilizing muscles not taking part in what ever continuous movement (swimming, cycling, running) they are performing. The woman that presented to us used to run track and field for the University of Indiana and trained for the Olympic trials. She had plantar facitis/sciatica for 15 years and the MBT's were the first and only thing that made both issues disappear. Anyone reading this (living in the springs:))must come in a try a pair won't get it until you do. I wore them for about six hours today and I definitely felt it where I'm most hips.

After work, it was off to Monika's C3 yoga. her classes, absolutely amazing. Such a challenge, yet my body loves to be pushed in an unfamiliar way. Tummy was rumblin' after class, and I was luckily headed to Fujiyama for a little sushi action with the Madster. Loved the time with my dear cousin:).

After a warm soothing bath and a little hot almond milk with cinnamon, this girl is headed to horizontal.


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