Sunday, February 28, 2010

Black Forest 20k...

Yesterday was the final Winter Series race out in a snowy/icy Black Forest. A 20k...12.4 miles. With our Boulder Spring 1/2 coming up here in 2 weeks, I told myself that I seriously need to look at this a training run and not get crazy (competitive in other words:)). Along with smart training, I've been sick the past two days and I feel the sickness lingering, waiting to get worse- arg. Whenever I tell myself this...I usually don't hold true to the idea, but this time I did and the payoff was that I felt great(aside from the cronic left glute/hip issues I've been struggling with for forever-ba!). I stuck with a 9-9:15 min mile and just enjoyed the ride! It was beautiful out there. Around 7 miles I experienced a total runner's high, something that usually does NOT happen to me. It was just as people describe it...feeling light on your feet, your mind wandering to happy places, breathing easily, enjoying the beautiful surroundings. At about mile 9, that all disappeared. The hardest part of the course was mile 8 1/2-11...windy open space, uphill a majority of the time...blah blah blah...horrific. Anywhoo...1:56 min later, I was done. Tight hammies/glutes/calves has to wait to be properly stretched as I quickly headed out of Black Forest, on my way home for a quick shower before heading to work.

The store was insane today! From 2-6p, Madster and I were there by ourselves and much of that time we both were helping 2-3 people at once! The day was full of "interesting customers"...a norm for Saturdays.

Today, I slept in until 8 (heaven), and am now enjoying my new coffee concoction. In attempts to not go back to the coffee creamer (horrible for me, but oh so tasty!)...I started heating some almond milk with cinnamon over the stove and adding that to a half of a mug of coffee. It tastes so good...and doesn't shock me with tons of caffeine.

Shortly I'm off for a short 30 min jog/walk in hopes of losening up the legs/bod. Then I'm off to meet up with the girls at the Coquette Creperie in Manitou...our fav gluten free crepe spot!

Until next time! :)


brownie said...

You'll rock Boulder, under 2 hours easliy. If you want, you can get one last training run in the day before in Salida!

linda said...

awesome race, jills. you experienced what everyone does... welcome to the club! you will be doing the 'dance' at boulder.