Monday, February 22, 2010

a step back in time.

Yesterday's snowy run was quite difficult, but it was so still and quiet out...loved it. After a long climb up Flying W Ranch Road, and a quicker, less-breathy ride back to the cottage, we enjoyed hot coffee and a warm oatmeal bar...yuuummmm. Thanks friends:).

Next up, it was off to Tarah's baby shower next door at Nicole's house. I still can't believe we are next door neighbors- how crazy! I walked in and to my surprise...there sat Kelsey, Sara, Genny, Tarah, Sarah. Wow, I haven't seen these girls in forever! It was such a blast to catch up with everyone and most of all celebrate Tarah:). Some hilarious pics from the day. We had to guess (with ribbon), how far around a piece would fit around her belly. I waaayy over estimated thanks to a previous baby shower in which I was way under- whops. Sorry Tarah!

Today was such a great day- loved every minute of it...well, maybe not up Flying W Ranch Road so much.

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