Monday, May 11, 2009


Oh wow, what a day…what a weekend! I am finally into my new place on the west side…right down the street from our old house I lived in about 10 years ago…and it already feels like home. This weekend was filled with so much emotion for me I don’t even know where to begin…

We’ll start with Saturday. You know when people in your life just show up for you when you need it the most, and you suddenly feel overwhelmingly grateful?...well, that’s exactly what my friends and loved ones did for me with this move into the cottage. Mike, Dani, Micky, Jill, Staci, Christy, and Adam all loaded and unloaded all my stuff from Mom & Ken’s house to the new place in less than two hours! Dinner and drinks followed in Old Colorado City. What a successful day!

Saturday night, I slept like absolute poostick. Too much on the brain, too incredibly tired to sleep soundly. But, at 6am I woke up a bit shocked realizing much of the hard work had been taken care of the day before…again thanks to amazing people in my life. I started this Mother’s Day with a run with Dani… and even though she is more of a friend, she is someone who has at one time or another, definitely filled a motherly role in my life. The run was a toughie due to a number of hills, but the weather was perfect for running…and I was just glad to be with her on this morning.

For lunch, Adam and I took Mom to Amandas Fonda…yum! I won’t revel how many times I was there this week…it may make me sound like an alcoholic, a margarita addict, or something of the sorts. Anyhow, we had a great meal outside under the heat lamps…with a beautiful bouquet of flowers as our centerpiece- good job Adam. Thanks to my growing anxiety over the course of the day thinking about all that I had to do to get a bit more settled in at the house, Adam and Mom agreed to lend me a helping hand with whatever I needed. Again, I was so grateful to have them there to help me make decisions, and make the numerous tasks not seem so grand. We headed off to Walmart to get a few essentials to help get me through the workweek…never a fun place to be on a Sunday, but we seemed to make it out of there in reasonable time with our sanity in tact. As soon as we got back to the cottage, Mom immediately went into project mode…kitchen, bathroom, bed set up…she was such a huge help. I told her I was sorry for making her spend mother’s day working her butt off…and she replied with “I wouldn’t want to spend this day any other way…I love doing this for you.” Again, I am so amazingly blessed.

I was surprised for the up-teenth time this afternoon when Jill showed up to help…and with a lamp in hand! Due to the wood floors, ceilings and walls…the living room is pretty dark…in other words, I was desperate for some light and Jill provided exactly that- thanks dear! She helped me put together a list of things I really needed, how much I can spend on them, and where I should look…this I know will totally aid in my decision making process on the important items I have yet to purchase.

One last thing that made this weekend a true representation of just how much I am taken care of… I was putting my clothes away in the dresser that Ryan and Christy left me (thank you again by the way) and in the middle of the second drawer, right smack in the middle, there it was- yep, a dime. Are you serious? Thanks Dad, yes I know you too were here this whole weekend.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you that helped me this weekend…you have no idea what a true blessing it was.

I am sad I didn't take more pics...but here is Jill and Christy getting a feel for the couch/lamp/living room situation:).


Staci Christensen said...

It was so much fun!:)

brownie said...


You never answered my Amanda's Fonda vs The Loop question. Do you prefer AF because their margaritas are only half as strong?