Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ahhh! I got a pre-bday gift from Danster and am so excited! A new helmet! Now I won't get yelled at by both people I do and don't know when riding my mongoose! Leave it to Dani to pick out a cute, stylish dome protector! Love it...thank you friend! Can't wait to use it!

I found a bridesmaid dress for Maili's wedding today! It will be the dress pictured above in a champagne color. July 4th will be so much fun!

Dani and I had a hot run from hell today in the garden. Sore quads and calves, dry mid-day heat, and thinking of yummy food and wine back at the house didn't make for such a motivated run. But we got through it and enjoyed a nice evening as a reward:).

Off to bedzo...incline in the am will come awfully early!

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Emily said...

Are you going to run the Boulder Boulder over Memorial Weekend?!