Thursday, August 28, 2008


Ok, now I'm really getting excited for this weekend! 3 days off...catching up with friends...catching up on sleep (hopefully)...a mini roadtrip with scenery...time away. Found an outfit for the wedding so, that headache is gone now. :) Good ol' long lost friend:).

Had a fabulous run this am. Had no motivation to do it at I just placed myself in the mindset of "I'm just going to try and enjoy this, let my mind go where it wants, go slow, and enjoy this cool morning." So...ended up being pretty nice! I am loving using my nike me an idea how far/fast i'm going. Today it said I did 5.54mi, 51:07min, 9:13 pace.

Had the CRC social run/PPRR newsletter stuffing last night. Aside from getting made fun of for my wine-in-a-plastic cup-'s fun chatting and laughing with friends of the store. I managed to refuse Louie's pizza (my favorite)...and get outta there without a single bite! But...PPRR president Micky did hit me pretty hard when I made fun of her sock tan lines! :) Of course I made her feel as bad as I could! :) Oh...and no Burrito (Johnathon's cute baby) for the 2nd weds in a row...I need my cute baby fix soon!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

hotty hotterton...

So...Today, Staci, Dani, Beth and I ran Santa Fe Trail from Baptist Rd down to Woodmen, and holy cow was it stinkin hot! Aside from the sweat in the eyes, and salt on the face, it was nice to run flat at a steady pace. Ended up being 10.72mi. The exertion and heat totally wiped me out the rest of the day...I found a way to muster up enough energy to do the following: watch 'What Women Want' & 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding', laundry, nap, eat (lots), oh yeah, and change my voicemail message on my phone after getting harrased that my voice sounded sexy and seductive...whatever.

I have come to accept this lazy day of nothing knowing I will be busy having lots of fun in Grand Junciton next weekend visiting friends from college for a wedding! :) I am so excited to see everyone that I was so close to for 4 years...oh, I just can't wait!

Monday, August 18, 2008

catching up...

Don't really know what to write about, but feel i'm due for an update just because. So lets see here... I spent all day Friday and Saturday working the Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon Expo over in Manitou, and aside from the cold conditions...the atmosphere was quite fun.

Everyone was excited to tackle the beast but I don't think the Ascent racers knew what they were in for. Sleet...cold hail pellets to the head was what they got...once they got to A-frame. If they were one of the 1300/2000 people to get turned around...their 13 mile race up pikes peak, turned into a 20 mile half marathon. Beth walked up to me with tears in her eyes, and blue lips way over an hour after she finished. Poor thing...but she is a total stud and was one of the few in wave 2 to not be turned around at tree-line, and actually finish the go woman!

The weather on Sunday, for the marathon, actually turned out to be much better. Even though it was still snowing on the summit, it was much more runable.

I think seeing all of these people go through such tough races has made me feel like I can definitely run a full marathon. I sometimes feel that it is my mind that is holding me back, not my body...which is probably more depressing than the other way around. Oh well...we'll revisit this topic at a later date...too tired to go into it further. :)

It was wonderful to get together with friends tonight for book club! We discussed the most recent book we read- 'Good in Bed' by Jennifer Weiner. I've read this book before, but it was great to revisit such a funny, entertaining read. We are reading the sequel to this book that actually just released in April of this year.

Good night, good night.

Friday, August 15, 2008

food for fuel...

Craziness...check out what Michael Phelps has to eat to perform...:) (click on "eat" to see the article) 8% body fat...burning 1,000 cals/hr while he swims...yikes! Must be nice!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

so close...

So the Romester and I have almost made it through 3 weeks of 5am/strict-eating boot camp and I think we both are feeling pretty good about our progress! Yes, the o-dark-thirty wake-up call stick sucks a big one every morning...but the way we are feeling is the pay off. :) Our bods are hurting all over...and there is some grunt & groaning as we perform each exercise...but the laughs, the sweat, and the loosening of clothing makes it worth it! We laugh at some of the characters at the gym that we now see on a regular basis, like....the guy in the bandana we first see when we walk in, that goes so fast on the elliptical that it makes this banging noise with each stride (we think he's going to really break the thing one of these days)...the mean girl that got snappy with us about not having enough room to do her ab work on the ball...the couple that performs the same free weight routine simultaneously and doesn't speak a word to one another....oh yeah, and Omar's client...this girl who we know thinks the absolute world of herself! HA! All of these people, I'm sure have their own opinions of us.

I'm really excited for this weekend and the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon! I've never been around these back to back races before, and I look forward to working the expo and being a part of this well-known event! Beth will be doing the Ascent for the first time and I know she'll do awesome...yeah!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Total boo....
Two days off in a row (a rarity)...and no freaking car to take me to do anything fun- arg! It all started as I tried to leave work on Saturday wouldn't let me out of park. Found out my brake connection is recalled...along with 4 other recalls. VW says they are backed up and probably can't look at it for a couple days...another big fat arg. It isn't until the privilege of having a car is taken away, that you realize the freedom it brings to everyday life. Sunday and Monday off from work and no beautiful runs in the mountains thanks to no transportation :(. Speaking of runs...I'm off to enjoy another run on pavement out in Kansas.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Just had an amazing run in the rain! Aside from the occasional misty rain in my eyes (dependent on my facing direction) ... It was so awesome breathing in cooler air and smelling all the wonderful scents that come with the moisture: wood- from the wet fences, green grass, thick fog...ooh, all good stuff :). Busting out the long-sleeve Nike half-zip made me fast-forward to training for a marathon this winter...yikes. The count is still out on that one. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

what the cat drug in...

What started out as a day where I found myself tired, cranky, hungry, worn out, sore, and overall not so enthused...actually turned out to be a joyful day with fun, happy people! 

Beth and I were working early this afternoon, when one of our favorite ladies, Linda came into the store to pay us a visit. We were enjoying nice conversation with her when Beth realized we had another visitor...a very green, extra large caterpillar...that had surprisingly traveled up the entire walking ramp from the front door and was making his way around the corner to do some shopping. He was not very happy as we attempted to scoop him up on a piece of paper to deliver him to the tree outside. 

It was the CRC Weds Night Social Run tonight and I got to babysit my favorite chunky monkey- The Burrito! Jonathan is one of weds runners, friend of the store's, and someone I sometimes babysit for (while i'm working...I know, tough stuff ehh?) when he goes out on the run.  This baby is the cutest this ever...her legs are so rolly...I just love it! Her real name is Rowen, but they thought she looked like a burrito when she was first born when they wrapped her all tight in the hospital blanket...and the name stuck...probably with the help of the chunky limbs! :) Anyways...Jonathan left the Burrito with John and I...and John decided to mark her for sale with our pricing gun.  He thought $19.99 was a good price :). 

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

new baby...

My step-brother Orin and his wife Wendi just had a new baby girl! Autumn Riley is the third for them and she is so precious!  

Adam cut his hair off.... after growing it out for forever! He looks so cute...I love it! :) 

Staci and I did the Incline Club workout this am...tough stuff. It was nice and cool out, but kicked our butts as usual! :) Oh yeah, and we are now obsessed with Keva satisfying after a workout like that! :) 

Monday, August 4, 2008

1 step, 2 step, 3 step, 4...

The Incline was featured in this past Saturday's New York Times! Click here to read about the famous beast. Happy stepping folks. :)


After such a successful week of boot camp...the Romester and I are having a "dang, that sounds good," "ooh, I want some of that"-night. Arg. Nothing we have sounds good and the freaking Sonic commercial about the fried ice cream keeps coming on each break...double arg. After a day off of exercise...tomorrow we are back to lifting again.  Great, just in time to re-abuse my somewhat recovered bod. 

Friday, August 1, 2008


So Maili and I made it through the first work-week of clean-eating/exercise butt-kicking-boot camp! Yay. Both of us are sore and stiff up the wazooo...but both agree the eating isn't as bad as we thought it would be.  Being the extremists that we are...once we made the commitment and were in for the long-haul...mentally we were in a better place too. 

I will say that I am really missing the diet soda...I know it's pathetic...but being this hot- sometimes water all day just doesn't cut it, taste wise. 

Today, Staci and I shopped for underwear (haha)...went to Jason's Deli...then saw Mama Mia! It was really good! We laughed a lot...we noticed there is ironically a lot of running, no sprinting, in the movie...and no one seems to be out of breath...and they do it while they sing...haha! 

Workout report completed (weekend yet to complete) for this week...

Tuesday- upper body + 40 min run
Weds- lower body + 40 min run
Thurs- upper body + incline (legs said owie on this one after not having wt trained them in 4 months)
Friday- lower body + 30 min cardio
Sat- 40-45 min easy run 
Sun- 2hr long run...somewhere flat I am hoping...we'll see what the Q says:). 

More to come...:)