Thursday, August 14, 2008

so close...

So the Romester and I have almost made it through 3 weeks of 5am/strict-eating boot camp and I think we both are feeling pretty good about our progress! Yes, the o-dark-thirty wake-up call stick sucks a big one every morning...but the way we are feeling is the pay off. :) Our bods are hurting all over...and there is some grunt & groaning as we perform each exercise...but the laughs, the sweat, and the loosening of clothing makes it worth it! We laugh at some of the characters at the gym that we now see on a regular basis, like....the guy in the bandana we first see when we walk in, that goes so fast on the elliptical that it makes this banging noise with each stride (we think he's going to really break the thing one of these days)...the mean girl that got snappy with us about not having enough room to do her ab work on the ball...the couple that performs the same free weight routine simultaneously and doesn't speak a word to one another....oh yeah, and Omar's client...this girl who we know thinks the absolute world of herself! HA! All of these people, I'm sure have their own opinions of us.

I'm really excited for this weekend and the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon! I've never been around these back to back races before, and I look forward to working the expo and being a part of this well-known event! Beth will be doing the Ascent for the first time and I know she'll do awesome...yeah!

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brownie said...

Snow on the Peak this weekend! And it's even gonna be chilly down in Manitou. Tell your friend to be prepared.

Come to the MOPP hash on Sun night! 6PM at the Keg.