Wednesday, August 6, 2008

what the cat drug in...

What started out as a day where I found myself tired, cranky, hungry, worn out, sore, and overall not so enthused...actually turned out to be a joyful day with fun, happy people! 

Beth and I were working early this afternoon, when one of our favorite ladies, Linda came into the store to pay us a visit. We were enjoying nice conversation with her when Beth realized we had another visitor...a very green, extra large caterpillar...that had surprisingly traveled up the entire walking ramp from the front door and was making his way around the corner to do some shopping. He was not very happy as we attempted to scoop him up on a piece of paper to deliver him to the tree outside. 

It was the CRC Weds Night Social Run tonight and I got to babysit my favorite chunky monkey- The Burrito! Jonathan is one of weds runners, friend of the store's, and someone I sometimes babysit for (while i'm working...I know, tough stuff ehh?) when he goes out on the run.  This baby is the cutest this ever...her legs are so rolly...I just love it! Her real name is Rowen, but they thought she looked like a burrito when she was first born when they wrapped her all tight in the hospital blanket...and the name stuck...probably with the help of the chunky limbs! :) Anyways...Jonathan left the Burrito with John and I...and John decided to mark her for sale with our pricing gun.  He thought $19.99 was a good price :). 

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