Friday, August 1, 2008


So Maili and I made it through the first work-week of clean-eating/exercise butt-kicking-boot camp! Yay. Both of us are sore and stiff up the wazooo...but both agree the eating isn't as bad as we thought it would be.  Being the extremists that we are...once we made the commitment and were in for the long-haul...mentally we were in a better place too. 

I will say that I am really missing the diet soda...I know it's pathetic...but being this hot- sometimes water all day just doesn't cut it, taste wise. 

Today, Staci and I shopped for underwear (haha)...went to Jason's Deli...then saw Mama Mia! It was really good! We laughed a lot...we noticed there is ironically a lot of running, no sprinting, in the movie...and no one seems to be out of breath...and they do it while they sing...haha! 

Workout report completed (weekend yet to complete) for this week...

Tuesday- upper body + 40 min run
Weds- lower body + 40 min run
Thurs- upper body + incline (legs said owie on this one after not having wt trained them in 4 months)
Friday- lower body + 30 min cardio
Sat- 40-45 min easy run 
Sun- 2hr long run...somewhere flat I am hoping...we'll see what the Q says:). 

More to come...:)

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