Monday, April 7, 2008

random thoughts for the day...

I'm too lazy to have to think about putting sentences together tonight,  so here are some statements...:)
  • Playing sports as I continue to get older is body absolutely refuses to do anything with grace or power's a sadness. My neck is going to hurt tomorrow from volleyball was rough on me.
  • I love it when Maili (Romi) says or types "dearie" because I think she got it from me...It makes me feel special. I know i've gotten phrases from her...
  • I just love my brother and his girlfriend Nicole...they are just wonderful. My brother is so talented and it continues to amaze me time and time again. 
  • My cousin Maddy took the picture above and I think it is so beautiful.  It is in Port Aransas, TX- where we were for spring break with the fam. Good job Mads!

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