Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ok so here are some thoughts for today...

1. I had a rec bball game tonight and we played against the south central hood gang from 1993. Seriously...these broads were outta control...they were super serious...sporting their full team jerseys (top and bottom), head and assistant coach...and play numbers that they would shout out at random occations.  The funniest thing was is that they were trash-talking us, the refs, each other the whole time-full of cuss words, sassiness and major tude...and one of our players said to the ref "seriously?" (when she didn't get a call)...and what happens? Our player gets a freaking technical foul...are you kidding me right now. Anyways...long story short...they killed us-it was embarrassing...they outweighed us all by 30+ lbs...and yeah, thats all.  

2. Sometimes I feel like I get to have a fun sleepover every night...how did I get so lucky? I was sitting on the couch tonight with the best roomie in the world, Maili (aka Romi), watching Law and Order, thinking to myself that living here feels more like home than any other place i've lived before (aside from my mom's of course) We laugh so hard over the silliest of things...usually having something to do with: the dogs, barrrroouuuttt's and baaaatttt's, "gooooodmooorrrrningg", hand gyrations to techno music, lame sugar-free creamer/decaf coffee...and the list could go on. I guess one reason I feel so at home here is because I know I can completely be myself and someone who's always close by cares for me unconditionally.  

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