Sunday, April 6, 2008

good ol days...

Remember the times when your mom or dad would make you dinner every night and it was just like "eh, biggie". Not until you move out and are on your own with a job, stress and struggling to find time for anything, do you fully realize the amount of time and energy required to prepare a simple meal! Tonight I went to my mom and Ken's house for dinner and for Ken to try and replace the flasher on my car (no blinkers at the moment...not good).  My mom fixed yummy food and I was reminded that when your parents cook for you-it always just tastes better...even if you were to make the same exact thing for yourself! Why is that!??? Poor Ken banged his head twice on my gas pedal trying to crouch way underneath my steering wheel...felt so bad for him! My cousin Maddy came with me over there...I just love her to pieces! :) Her, my mom and I just laugh so hard when we get it! 

Hope everyone has a great start to their week...and just think...we are one step closer to the weekend again!:)

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