Wednesday, April 16, 2008

one step closer to the weekend...

Just a quick hello...haven't written anything in a while.  Maybe it's because i'm away from my house from 8am-10pm over the past few days...booo. How did my life get so busy? I know I bring it on to myself...adding things here and help me "balance" my work with adequate amount of "play". ends up taking time and energy as well.  A lesson that I am learning by being thrown into the fire these days. 

Here is a link to my brother's (Adam's) band myspace....They are so great.  You def need to go take a won't be disappointed! They just posted a new demo song...i just love it! They will be playing in the Springs in May at least twice.

I hope you all are having a magnificent week...enjoying this beautiful weather...and finding the balance for yourself between work and play! :)

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