Monday, September 28, 2009


A fun, amazing girls weekend up in Frisco...ahhh, a total breath of fresh air, literally. A few pics of the adventures. More to come...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I think I am officially obsessed with this photographer and her blog... check it.


Are great. :) Mom and I went up for a visit this past weekend, and last night I ventured up for some homemade chili! Yum.

They showed me their garden...old wine barrels with various things; sugar snap peas, dill, crooked neck yellow squash, broccoli...just to name a few. Very cool.

Below, Grandma is telling me that her husband is a litterer. That is one of the stickers from his oxygen tank she is holding up in her hand.

The gazebo that my Grandpa is sitting in is right in their backyard. It is beautiful, and they've named it Hummingbird Crossing. They have a few hummingbird feeders that hang from the top, and they sit there, almost every evening in the summer, and feed the birds. Champagne in hand, they enjoy the company of the birds, and eachother...even after 58 years. Love it...and love them, a lot.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Junk in the trunk...

Because I told Dani I would.

Junk in the trunk. The trunk of my VW Jetta is somewhat disorganized. No wait, it's a pure disaster. Last time Dani and I played tennis I opened up my trunk to grab my tennis balls and racket and said "Wait Dani, don't look!" For some reason I just don't care that my trunk is a mess...I just let it be that way and go on with life. Maybe it's a convienience it helps to have these random things at my disposal when out and about? Well, after reviewing the list below I might be evaluating the truth in that last statement.

* two winter jackets
* a thick US map with individual states on each page
* a coffee carafe
* 5 lb dumbbells
* a plastic princess tiara (from john for Halloween run b/c I am the P)
* a pair of brand new K Swiss running shoes, really?
* an ice scrapper/brush
* a computer keyboard (crap, that's Ken's)
* all black puma shoes (from Fitness 19 days)
*VHS tapes (have no idea of what)
* a soft plaid blanket (which I've used twice in the last 2 weeks!)
* a broken photo frame
* resistance training tubing/bands
* first aid/roadside aid kit (duh)

Ok yeah, I really need to clean this thing out. Don't judge me, it will happen soon:). I dare you to revel your deep dark, unorganized secrets!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Spent Monday through Thursday of this week in Boston, visiting New Balance... and wow, what a trip! Loved every minute of it...well, maybe all but the 5 1/2 hr avg sleep each night. Oh well, you only live once, right?!
New Balance pulled out all of the stops to treat their "Elite Dealers" of the Running Specialty world. An immaculate hotel, a trip to the NB factory, a Boston Red Sox game, and countless hours with the incredible people part of the running world.

The first day we took a trip one of the five NB factories located here in the US. It was about an hour away in Lawrence, MA. It was unbelievable. The 1st floor was the tech lab/smash lab where shoes (both NB and competitors) are tested, demolished and picked apart, and athletes were evaluated and recorded in various shoes. The second floor was the factory store that sold old and new models produced just a floor above. The factory existed on the 3rd floor...where NB shoes were either built entirely or put together. The top, 4th floor was design and marketing. We spent about an hour on each level, where they explained the ins and outs of how each location operated.

Wednesday, we spent the day learning about new NB apparel (materials/styles) and shoes coming out in the next two years...very cool stuff. They will use this new fiber called X-Static that is 99% silver and antimicrobial. Yes, for those runners out there that don't like to wash your running clothes (I won't name any names)- it kills odor causing bacteria, so you don't have to wash it all of the time. NASA currently has an astronaut in space using underwear with X-Static. Anywhoo...I thought it was pretty cool. We were given a long sleeve with the fiber in it, so i'll let you know once I test it out. A Boston Red Sox game was the plan for the evening and we were wined and dined yet again once we stepped foot in the stadium. I don't think anyone dressed warm enough for the occasion and my face was definitely wind-blown. Being at Fenway Park was so amazing and I will remember it always.

A few more pics from the week. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend this conference. Boston, the people of NB, and the Elite Dealers that attended, were an absolute joy.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Had a great last few days this weekend! Saturday night started with my wonderful friend, Jessica making me dinner- what a treat! Then we met a group of friends over at the Colorado College quad to watch the movie 'Up!' outside, under the stars. It made me feel like a kid again, pulling out the blankets, taking my shoes off. If you haven't seen this movie, you must. Within all of the laughs, the movie portrays hand fulls of very important life lessons. My favorite: Elle's Adventure Book and her desire to fill up her "Stuff I will be doing" pages. Love it.

Sunday morning, our group took a short trip up to Monument for a run up to Palmer Lake. The weather was perfect, gorgeous scenery, and even though I was with my dear friends, this run was anything but enjoyable or easy. I think I realized at the end of this run, that the rest of the clan was in the same boat. Thank you Jessica for listening to my complaining. I'm like Russell, "I'm tired, can we stop??!!"... as he gets dragged on his face.

After a shower and a trip to the store, Dani, Jill and I were on our way up to 11 Mile Reservoir for an over-night camping adventure. In typical CO fashion, we enjoyed our walk along the water with a short, mid-afternoon drizzly rain...but were rewarded by a beautiful rainbow! We all laughed as we each found ourselves preparing to build a fire for the first time on our own...this meaning we've never been the chief officer in the process. But we actually did a great job and weren't faced with any obstacles!!
Once we had the fire roaring...we busted out the winezo and delicious food! Seriously...who eats like this when camping?...we obviously do. Dani made her special mexican avocado/black bean dish with chicken. We also had guacamole chips, spinach salad with tomatoes, almonds and feta cheese. Heather- I know you are proud!
After dinner, we positioned some heavenly, Bailey's-dipped marshmallows over the fire. Thank you Dani (or her daughter Chandra I should say), for the grand idea...I don't know if I can eat mallows plain again. We sat by the fire until midnight, just enjoying the outdoors and the company of one another, and then it was bed time. We awoke to a absolutely gorgeous morning; the water quiet and blue. Thanks to no form of hot water (Dani and I assumed the other was bringing-whops!), we packed up and were on our way to hot coffee and breakfast nearby.
This afternoon, I enjoyed some Mommy time as we walked and window shopped in Old Colorado her. This weekend was so fulfilling and I am so happy I had the opportunity to soak up the outdoors while we still have a few nice days left!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

something new

So change came...and I love it. I used to hate the color brown, and for some reason I am feeling the need to embrace it. The girl in the heading picture above is my cousin, Ms. Erinn Marie. Love you! It was when we were visiting my grandparents down in Port Aransas, TX, March of this year.

Sunday morning's run was an interesting one. After only 4 1/2 hours of sleep (thank you fun downtown with friends the night before- a rarity), I started out this literally foggy run in quite a brain fog. Jessica, Jane, Dani, Staci, Randi, Megan, and I all started out at the trail head on 31st street. We headed up the Hogback trail and then connected to the Section 16 loop...hiked up the steep part, glided down the glorious downhill. By the time we got back down to the cars on 31st street, the total run ended up being about 45 min longer then planned (about 10.?? miles total). Would have normally been a great ending, going further than intended...but not when my family was picking me up for a birthday brunch in 25 min- crap!! Hurried, showered and it was off to grandpa's bday brunch at The Pantry- yum!

A two hour nap later Sunday afternoon helped bring my brain back to normal function- thank goodness! I just love being out there with my friends...we all admit that we end up going harder, faster, longer when together...rather than on our own. Is this true for life as well?...I think so.

Monday a group of five (4 girls, one guy) helped Chelsea's co-worker (Terry and Linda, from her hospital- in their early 60's) , move their belongings into their new place. The small group of us, alone, unloaded the largest U Haul available to rent in 3 1/2 hrs! The 1st third of the truck was filled with the normal house-hold items...couches, dressers, boxes, shelves. But the last 2/3's of the truck was filled with Terry's contracting supplies...cement mixer, 4 wheel barrels, paint buckets, table saws...wowzers! We were dirty, sweaty and huffin' it! But, we finished and enjoyed some well-deserved Chipotle. My forearms are horrendously sore today- geez. It was fun to be together and give them a helping hand...we had many hilarious moments, so worth it!

I am so looking forward to this weekend! A nostalgic camping spot up at 11 Mile Reservoir has Jill, Dani and my name on it for one night. Dani will be introducing us to Bailey's-dipped roasted marshmallows- yes! More on this at a later date. :)

Ending this post with a few family photos from Maddy's bday at Adam's Mtn Cafe in Manitou, early August.