Tuesday, September 1, 2009

something new

So change came...and I love it. I used to hate the color brown, and for some reason I am feeling the need to embrace it. The girl in the heading picture above is my cousin, Ms. Erinn Marie. Love you! It was when we were visiting my grandparents down in Port Aransas, TX, March of this year.

Sunday morning's run was an interesting one. After only 4 1/2 hours of sleep (thank you fun downtown with friends the night before- a rarity), I started out this literally foggy run in quite a brain fog. Jessica, Jane, Dani, Staci, Randi, Megan, and I all started out at the trail head on 31st street. We headed up the Hogback trail and then connected to the Section 16 loop...hiked up the steep part, glided down the glorious downhill. By the time we got back down to the cars on 31st street, the total run ended up being about 45 min longer then planned (about 10.?? miles total). Would have normally been a great ending, going further than intended...but not when my family was picking me up for a birthday brunch in 25 min- crap!! Hurried, showered and it was off to grandpa's bday brunch at The Pantry- yum!

A two hour nap later Sunday afternoon helped bring my brain back to normal function- thank goodness! I just love being out there with my friends...we all admit that we end up going harder, faster, longer when together...rather than on our own. Is this true for life as well?...I think so.

Monday a group of five (4 girls, one guy) helped Chelsea's co-worker (Terry and Linda, from her hospital- in their early 60's) , move their belongings into their new place. The small group of us, alone, unloaded the largest U Haul available to rent in 3 1/2 hrs! The 1st third of the truck was filled with the normal house-hold items...couches, dressers, boxes, shelves. But the last 2/3's of the truck was filled with Terry's contracting supplies...cement mixer, 4 wheel barrels, paint buckets, table saws...wowzers! We were dirty, sweaty and huffin' it! But, we finished and enjoyed some well-deserved Chipotle. My forearms are horrendously sore today- geez. It was fun to be together and give them a helping hand...we had many hilarious moments, so worth it!

I am so looking forward to this weekend! A nostalgic camping spot up at 11 Mile Reservoir has Jill, Dani and my name on it for one night. Dani will be introducing us to Bailey's-dipped roasted marshmallows- yes! More on this at a later date. :)

Ending this post with a few family photos from Maddy's bday at Adam's Mtn Cafe in Manitou, early August.

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Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Section 16 downhill, camping, Adam's Mt. Cafe, Chipotle...gosh I miss Colorado!