Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Are great. :) Mom and I went up for a visit this past weekend, and last night I ventured up for some homemade chili! Yum.

They showed me their garden...old wine barrels with various things; sugar snap peas, dill, crooked neck yellow squash, broccoli...just to name a few. Very cool.

Below, Grandma is telling me that her husband is a litterer. That is one of the stickers from his oxygen tank she is holding up in her hand.

The gazebo that my Grandpa is sitting in is right in their backyard. It is beautiful, and they've named it Hummingbird Crossing. They have a few hummingbird feeders that hang from the top, and they sit there, almost every evening in the summer, and feed the birds. Champagne in hand, they enjoy the company of the birds, and eachother...even after 58 years. Love it...and love them, a lot.

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