Monday, September 7, 2009


Had a great last few days this weekend! Saturday night started with my wonderful friend, Jessica making me dinner- what a treat! Then we met a group of friends over at the Colorado College quad to watch the movie 'Up!' outside, under the stars. It made me feel like a kid again, pulling out the blankets, taking my shoes off. If you haven't seen this movie, you must. Within all of the laughs, the movie portrays hand fulls of very important life lessons. My favorite: Elle's Adventure Book and her desire to fill up her "Stuff I will be doing" pages. Love it.

Sunday morning, our group took a short trip up to Monument for a run up to Palmer Lake. The weather was perfect, gorgeous scenery, and even though I was with my dear friends, this run was anything but enjoyable or easy. I think I realized at the end of this run, that the rest of the clan was in the same boat. Thank you Jessica for listening to my complaining. I'm like Russell, "I'm tired, can we stop??!!"... as he gets dragged on his face.

After a shower and a trip to the store, Dani, Jill and I were on our way up to 11 Mile Reservoir for an over-night camping adventure. In typical CO fashion, we enjoyed our walk along the water with a short, mid-afternoon drizzly rain...but were rewarded by a beautiful rainbow! We all laughed as we each found ourselves preparing to build a fire for the first time on our own...this meaning we've never been the chief officer in the process. But we actually did a great job and weren't faced with any obstacles!!
Once we had the fire roaring...we busted out the winezo and delicious food! Seriously...who eats like this when camping?...we obviously do. Dani made her special mexican avocado/black bean dish with chicken. We also had guacamole chips, spinach salad with tomatoes, almonds and feta cheese. Heather- I know you are proud!
After dinner, we positioned some heavenly, Bailey's-dipped marshmallows over the fire. Thank you Dani (or her daughter Chandra I should say), for the grand idea...I don't know if I can eat mallows plain again. We sat by the fire until midnight, just enjoying the outdoors and the company of one another, and then it was bed time. We awoke to a absolutely gorgeous morning; the water quiet and blue. Thanks to no form of hot water (Dani and I assumed the other was bringing-whops!), we packed up and were on our way to hot coffee and breakfast nearby.
This afternoon, I enjoyed some Mommy time as we walked and window shopped in Old Colorado her. This weekend was so fulfilling and I am so happy I had the opportunity to soak up the outdoors while we still have a few nice days left!


Jeanne Schmid said...

I So enjoyed your 11 mile commentary! Oh the memories we've made up there!! I think that is one of Dad's (Grandpa's) legacies for us. I didn't see crawdad fishing in your list of activities!! What's with that? It would have fit perfectly in with your menu! I love you beyond words, my sweet niece.

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

So proud of you guys. ;)

What a fun weekend Jillian. My heart aches for Colorado.

Some of your photos in the post are amazing - such beautiful lighting.