Sunday, December 20, 2009

Off to the creperie...again.

Ok, I (we) are officially in love with this place. Again, coffee in pint glasses, gluten free crepes, great ambiance, heavenly flavors...oh yeah, and a full bar, just in case in the future we're feelin' a high ball at 10am. After a beautiful run in the Garden of the Gods, this was a great way to start a wonderful Sunday.

PS- I just got my new Canon 50mm lens and I am in love. Can't wait to test it out more! One of Santa's helpers also gave me two filters for the lens...thank you thank you:). Examples to come.

This one is my fav! Nice posing Danster.

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brownie said...

What's wrong with drinking at 10AM?

Have you tried that new Manitou coffee place, the Gift Shop? They have some good music there.