Monday, December 7, 2009

flurries, trees and adventure...

After 'First Saturday' and work, I ran up to Costco with Jess, met Staci and Kinkos to get my passport photo (as Staci held my jacket and wallet, and I sat against a white backdrop- I felt like I was in grade school again:)), and then headed out to Black Forest with the girls to celebrate Jessica's birthday! We were dying in the car as we all sang (out of tune, and with incorrect lyrics) Christmas music. It was such a fun time, and Alyssa's house was amazing!

Sunday morning, we ventured out in the beautiful snow for a run in Bear Creek Park. It was so absolutely beautiful! However, the slippery hills didn't help my glute situation. After, we headed to Starbucks for some warm bliss:).
The day had only begun at this point. Headed home to shower and clean up for the next outing... up to the mountains to cut down our Christmas trees!
We pulled off deep into Rampart Range Road up in Woodland Park and the day couldn't have been more perfect. Snow falling, not too cold, really feeling like we were in the mountains. Once we started venturing out into the woods, we realized everything was leading downhill...not a good idea when everyone would be carrying a tree back uphill back to the car. Slipping and sliding, yelling eachothers' names, trying to stay on the buddy system, running up to claim our trees...many laughs were shared.
This was the first tree-cutting down experience for us all and everyone agreed that it was absolutely more fun then visiting a tree lot, and we'd definitely be doing this again. Today I have to get one more strand of white lights, along with some bulbs and then she'll be finished. I am already loving the wonderful smell...and with the surrounding snow outside my window, it is finally feeling like Christmas!


Scheri said...

Your tree is very pretty! With the kids, we've become very boring and stick to the fake/prelit tree. I do miss that fresh tree smell!

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

You cut down your own tree? Reason 147 I MUST live in CO someday. Very cool! Were you near the yurt?

Hope you glute is feeling better soon my friend. Where are you going that you need a passport? An international journey?!?! :)