Sunday, December 13, 2009


What a busy, yet joyful last few days! I've basically been going non-stop since Weds eve. It started with the CRC holiday party on Thursday night, which was such a great time. So awesome seeing all of our customers/friends in one place! However, like everyone knows, when you are hosting a party, you often leave feeling like you had about a hundred two second conversations.

For those of you reading this who are not from Colorado, last week we were hit with a major snow storm, followed by a long-time (few days at least) freeze. Typical here is a huge dump followed by a quick melt within hours. So, three+ days in the negatives, 0 degree range was definitely foreign to everyone. Made for some chilling runs..but beautiful photo ops.

Today was our Sunday run/brunch/gift exchange! We started with a run from Jill's house and enjoyed the heat wave weather-wise...and ended the run singing jingle bells (with the help of Jane's real bells) trotting down the street. Everyone drew a name (thanks to an awesome site called and brought something different to eat. So much good food- nice work everyone! See the tasty mimosas pictured above:).

My lovely photography poster child...Dani looks good in all my photos:).

Madster loves her perfect!

J for our dear friend Jessica...beautiful.

Kol Kol getting lost in her neck/face warmer!

Jane and Maddy practicing their curtsies!

Syd all bundled up for the cute.

Preparation for the group shot...

A random man walking down the street made this group shot possible!

My first Christmas presents under the tree! Thanks so much Staci...I love them all! I got an oven mitt, frame, wooden stir spoon, two kitchen flippers (I know that's not the correct name, but I think it's cute), and finally two baking dishes!

I am so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends in my love me, laugh with me, accept me for who I am. Love you all more than you could ever know. Thanks for sharing this special day with me.


Maddy said...

Ah! I love all the pictures :) Christi and her face mask crack me up...
The homeless camp was right alongside the train tracks as you turned onto the street. I didn't see it going out, but noticed it coming back :)

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

Oh my gosh, I love Madster's apron too!!! :)