Friday, January 16, 2009

just to...

log it...

1/10- 13 miles- Falcon loop- 2:30min (in total snow, slippery!)
1/11- 4.8 miles- Full Moon Run in Garden- 47min
1/12- 3.5 miles- Garden recovery run- 30 min
1/14- 5 miles- Monument Valley Park with the gals- 48min
1/15- 6.2 miles- Garden- 1 hr

Enjoying being on this side of town and being spoiled by getting to run in the Garden of the Gods so much. Even though it's hilly...there's so many beautiful trails and secluded places to explore. Love it!

So, Austin was exactly a month away from I think after this sunday's last 20 mile run, the closeness of the race will feel more of a reality. Austin, the trip itself, will be so much fun...I just can't wait!

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