Monday, January 5, 2009

the first...

...20 mile run of my life will go down in history. Due to the apparent stubbornness of the Duchess and the Princess (Beth and I), we suffered for a good 3 1/2 hours in blowing snow and 12 degree temps because we did not want to change our plan. I believe John's last words to me on Saturday were, "check the wind and if it says it's coming from the South, you better run from South to North up to Monument or you will be miserable". We were deviant and miserable was the result and such an understatement to our experience. Thanks to Beth's single pair of sunglasses, along with our idea of drafting...we found a way to get past the frozen solid water bottles, soaking socks, and ice chunks on the eyelashes, and finish the beast of our first 20 mile run... from Monument to North Monument Valley Park. We laughed about it all today.

Right after we picked up Beth's truck in Monument (after I missed the monument exit of course and had to back track back down-arg)...we hustled to IHOP for some re-fuel. After our waitress acknowledged we were crazy for doing such a thing in that kind of weather, we were graced with the blessing of pancakes. I think that may have been my shortest eating out experience ever...we didn't say any words...just the noise of chewing and the occational yummy acknowledgement sound.

Again...a run to go down in history. As Rich said to us..."what happens on a long run, stays on a long run":).

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Gordo said...

We had a great run down from Palmer lake on SATURDAY, running ahead of the quickly approaching storm system. We mofied the course slightly to make it an even 20 miles. So, it appears that Rich was in FULL taper mode and joing you and Beth for the "fun run"?