Tuesday, October 12, 2010


After hearing one time that Mom and Ken liked to got to the Manitou Chocolate Factory and share a caramel apple... Sarah had the idea to make Mom some homemade apples, full of decadence, for her birthday. After a trip to a very busy King Stup's, aprons were tied up and we were about to get messy. Heath bar, pecans, white chocolate pretzels... chocolate, lots o' caramel... we had it all. What came out were five, very large monstrosities of goodness... a little bit of a sugar coma for the two of us.

  Next up it was time for the delivery. We ventured up the pass, and after a few bicep curls to warm up, Sarah's arms carried the not-so-light tray to the birthday girl who was presently surprised and delighted by her treats. Ken wasn't too disappointed either.

Maddy- I hope you are reading this/seeing these photos and are super impressed. Do you like "the rods" in the backgroud?.... yes, yum is right. Can you guess what Mom started doing the minute she laid eyes on these pups... she started "cleaning up the pan"... in reality- picking off all of the little pieces hanging off the apple.  We are our mother's daughters aren't we.

Awesome day of apple making. Now, we must find a way to sell these...

Other events of the weekend... Mom's bday at The Swiss Chalet (yum!)- so great to see my brother, my first speeding ticket (awesome-thank you Manitou), I'm officially certified to teach Sculpt (so excited), oh yeah... I still suck at pool.

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Maddy said...

Jillian! I am SUPER impressed :) please don't open a chocolate shop/bakery without me ok?