Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Mexico is in one day! Sigh. I thought it'd never come.

I'm in survival mode...body and mind until Thursday at 4:15am. I thought after the Garden 10 Mile my body would go back to normal (pre grandpa/pre Garden week @ the store), but it has yet to. Very little sleep, lots on the mind, a full agenda, and a revved up bod has made for a two-week long out of body experience. I am hoping Mexico will push my re-set button and remind my whole being what is normal.

Teacher Training is amazing...learning so much, a wonderful group of women, a perfect balance for me right now. I will have to be doing lots of practice on my friends while at the beach. One on one beach-side yoga session anyone?

I am hoping to take/post pictures while we're down there. I'm taking the big-dog camera as I know I'd regret it if I didn't.

Jessica, Jane, Megan, Staci, Dani, Maddy and I are SO ready for this...each in our own way. We've all admitted that it just won't feel real until we're driving to the airport at o'dark thirty.

Maybe i'll be all Mate'ed up?? .... :)

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